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Meet our pool of experts
John Ball
Professional speaking coach A free 30-minute session to identify your presentation needs and/or review a video presentation to identify areas for development.
John Ball
Public Speaking
SpringWorks - The co-driver for your strategy Building on 20+ years of experience and a proven track record in different companies and sectors, SpringWorks accompanies small business owners and start-up founders with strategy design and alignment: starting with a clear vision as the backbone for all strategies and tactics: Business Planning, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Organisation design
Gert Van Avondt
Strategy Consultant
Business Psychologist and Consultant I help Founders, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners regain clarity and focus, reconnect with their true purpose and motivation, and get to see the big picture and opportunities. I base my work on the following pillars: Awareness, Emotional Management, Empathetic Communication, Achievement Drive, Adaptability & Change and Leadership Development. 1 full Coaching Session + Action Planning
Maitén Panella
Business Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Founder & CEO Growth & Potential Assessment: a 30-min detailed assessment to help founders assess their commercial engine in line with their ambitions.
Moeed Amin
Sales Trainer
John Ball
Full Stack Digital Business Architect & Marketer
I help Experts, Authors, Coaches and Businesses turn expertise into a scalable online business.
1-hour consultation and your business digital strategy review.
Martin Jokub
Open Innovation Expert Let's talk about how to create successful collaboration relationships to innovate: between startups, corporations, investors, universities, public institutions... wherever additional value can be created by successful collaboration. My expertise is in Open Innovation and I work with corporations, startups, and ecosystems to define the correct strategy, organization, processes, KPIs and collaboration settings for successful and long-lasting business relations.
Marisol Menéndez
Open innovation and Ecosystem consultant
Founder and MD. RISEN GROUP Consulting Company Business Development Services We are providing business development services including marketing research, business strategy, business plan and brand management.
Atefe Afshari
Consultor. Business Development
Danny Wünsch
Your brand is the most powerful asset of your business story. With over 20 years of experience I help great businesses to become great brands. My passion for storytelling and human-centric communication have won me a load of international advertising awards. I can consult and support you in terms of brandbuilding, brand strategy, and brand communication. We can also set out to find your brand's true character, voice or story. Or we refine your vision and purpose. In one (or two) 30 minute consulting sessions, we’ll find out, what helps you the most.
Danny Wünsch
Branding and Storytelling
Danny Wünsch
C-suite Consultant, connecting Brand and Business strategies. Offer: a free 60-minute online meeting to assess your company identity and brand strategy, identifying potential pain points, challenges and opportunities.
Christopher Smith
Strategy Brand Adviser
In 2012, Bant founded Qnary an award-winning executive online reputation growth and talent branding solutions company. Qnary's tech-enabled solution optimizes an executive’s online presence, generates thought-leadership content for that executive, and grows followers and engagement with that executive’s content and profiles. Qnary was listed as one of the 5000 fastest-growing companies in America by Inc magazine in 2018, 2019, and 2020 and was also listed as one of the 360 best companies by Entrepreneur magazine in 2018 and 2019. Bant now serves as Qnary's Executive Chairman and leads the Company's Board of Directors.
Bant Breen
Founder Qnary
1 full Coaching Session + Action Planning.
Nina Dolger
1 hour mentoring in trading, at financial Markets. Analyze their strategies and results to optimize their results.
Javier Etcheverry
Are you lost? Are you searching for answers that you can not find yourself? Do you need someone to help you find the path? I give 30min Executive Mentoring for free, because life is not about who you are, it is about who is at your side.
Nacho Barraquer
Executive Mentor
A free 30-minute session to explain what benefits could bring crypto to your life and how to start with the right foot in this market. Maximize profits, minimize risks and take advantage of the next big financial and technological movement
Arturo Adeva