After joining GBO, you will be part of a global community of business owners, partners, founders, investors and executive decision makers. They all are looking for more productivity, more profitability but also more personal fulfilment. At GBO meetings, members share their challenges, needs, opportunities as well as their business visions and strategies.

GBO does networking on a human level. Members meet regularly and have the opportunity to form relationships and build trust with others. When there is synergy, business opportunities arise naturally.

Club members have exclusive and complimentary use of the GBO Executive Services, Matchmaking and Think Tank, and Startup Hub, all designed to help grow your business within and outside of GBO.

As GBO is a community of like-minded peers, all meetings and events have a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Nevertheless, as a general guideline, here is our code of conduct.

  • As GBO members, we show respect and appreciation to all fellow members, guests and staff from head office.
  • As GBO members, we never use abusive or vulgar language, or engage in racial, ethnic or gender-related slurs or derogatory comments.
  • As GBO members, we will pay attention to any request or question a fellow member will communicate, in either public or private message. Even if we cannot help with their request, we will make sure to send a friendly reply.
  • As GBO members, we will not spam our fellow members with excessive or unwanted sales messages, either during meetings or online. Sending the same sales message to all members via the platform is not permitted in the interest of all members.

Inappropriate behaviour of any GBO member will be investigated, discussed and an appropriate course of action will be taken, including the cancellation of membership if necessary.

You have received an invitation through LinkedIn or another member because we think you match the characteristics of what we are looking for in a possible member

Membership fee varies depending on the length of your chosen membership term. Please click here for more details. In addition, you will be responsible for your food & beverage expenses when you attend a meeting.

No, GBO does not automatically renew memberships. At the end of the membership term each member is contacted personally. Members must agree to proceed for another membership term.

Memberships are non-refundable. Each case will be reviewed individually, and extraordinary circumstances will be considered if appropriate.

As a GBO member, you may join meetings in any city hub worldwide. Simply book your seat through the website or App. All meetings can be seen via the calendar.

No, there is no minimum attendance required, however, in order to fully take advantage of the opportunities GBO offers, we suggest you attend as many meetings and special events as you can.

Yes, the local Ambassador or President hosts the meetings. They will welcome and introduce you to the other members and guests present.